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Looking for a monthly rental apartment ?

The monthly rent or seasonal rent is a type of lease that differs from the “traditional” lease not only for the duration (temporary) of the contract but also in the intentionality or reasons why  of the temporary nature. A monthly or seasonal rental is an occasional or temporary solution to a specific situation such as:

  • Work reasons
  • Studies / masters / Post degrees
  • Works in the habitual residence
  • Medical treatments
  • Separation / divorce situations
  • In-pas in search of a permanent home

And other similar situations, where the purpose is not to establish a permanent residence. That is why the specific contract “Lease contract for use other than that housing”

Apartamentos Sata offers apartments in Barcelona, ​​specific for this type of seasonal lease, where the homes meet all the appropriate habitability conditions.












  • Fully furnished apartments, kitchen equipped with what you need to prepare a meal, one or two bedrooms.
  • Basic services electricity, water.
  • Bed / bath linens
  • Wi-Fi Internet access

In short, apartments that allow you to feel like at home, for a concrete period without the problems of a habitual residence.

The extent of this type of temporary rentals is decided between the parties according to the situation of need and possible extensions since, it is not always easy to limit an exact period: works that we know when they start but not when they end, medical treatments that may lengthen …

As we previously advanced beyond the extent, the important thing is the purpose or reason for which a seasonal lease is required. That is why the contract includes the reason for the need for a monthly rent / temporary and in Apartamentos Sata we also require the supporting document such as: employment contract that has generated the need for rent, document / university registration / master …, Hospital / Clinic document with the duration of the treatment…

In short, to rent an apartment for months / seasonal rental:

Requirements by the tenant:

  • Identity documents
  • Reason for the need for a seasonal rental and document proving and justifying the temporary nature.
  • Submit bail
  • Monthly rent payment

Obligations of the lessor:

  • Provide the lease for use other than housing specifying:
    • The agreed duration
    • Reason why the rent is monthly / temporary
    • The amount of the deposit
    • Monthly rent
  • Delivery of housing with optimal conditions of habitability
  • Refund of the deposit once the term to check the condition of the home has concluded.

If you are interested in renting an apartment for months, Apartamentos Sata is the best option.